What is a Spirit Airlines Name Change?

A Spirit Airlines Name Change is a process that allows individuals to change their name on a flight booking. This is generally necessary if a ticket has been purchased in a different name than the individualĀ“s name used to check in for the flight. Name changes are subject to airline policies and fees.

What is the Change Process?

The process of changing a name on a Spirit Airlines booking can vary depending on your destination. Completing a name change generally requires you to contact the airline directly. You will typically be required to provide valid documentation such as a driverĀ“s license or passport proving your identity. Additionally, most airlines will require a proof of name change, such as a marriage license or a court document.

What is Required to Complete a Name Change?

Name change requests require certain documentation to prove the request is valid. Depending on the travel destination, different documents might be needed. For instance, in the United States you will need to provide a valid photo ID. In other countries, additional documents might be required.

Are There any Fees for Making a Name Change?

Yes, you may be required to pay a fee to change the name on a flight booking. Fees vary depending on the airline and the reason for the change. Generally, more complex name changes requiring additional paperwork usually cost more. Spirit Airlines charges a fee of $50 for a name change or correction.

Are There any Restrictions for Making a Name Change?

Yes, there are some restrictions when making a name change. Chances are that a name change will not be accepted if there are issues with availability or if the name change is for a transferable ticket. Additionally, certain countries require an initial visa under the original name, making it difficult to complete a name change. Seats might also need to be changed to accommodate a name change. It is important to contact the airline for additional information and to ensure all requirements are fulfilled.

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