Discovered Check Chess, also known as Surprise Attacks for Advantage Chess, is a variant of traditional chess that adds an element of surprise into the game. The basic rules and moves of traditional chess still apply, but this variant allows for an extra move that can potentially change the course of the game. This extra move is the “discovered check,” where a piece uncovers an attack on the opponent´s king by moving out of the way. In this article, we will explore the concept of Discovered Check Chess, its rules, strategies, and the role of AI in this game.

Rules of Discovered Check Chess

In Discovered Check Chess, the starting layout of the board is the same as traditional chess. The only difference is the addition of the “surprise attack” rule. This rule allows a player to make a discovered check, which is a move that uncovers an attack on the opponent´s king while also protecting their own king. The discovered check can only be made with a bishop, knight, or queen, as these are the only pieces that can move in non-linear directions.

Strategies in Discovered Check Chess

Discovered Check Chess adds a new layer of complexity to traditional chess, making it an exciting and challenging game to play. Here are some strategies that players can consider while playing this variant:

2. Protect your king: As with traditional chess, the ultimate goal is to protect your king from being captured. In Discovered Check Chess, players must be extra vigilant as an unexpected discovered check can quickly turn the game in their opponent´s favor.

4. Control the center of the board: As with traditional chess, controlling the center of the board gives players an advantage. In Discovered Check Chess, this becomes even more critical as it allows for more mobility and potential discovered check opportunities.

Role of AI in Discovered Check Chess

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI-powered chess engines have become increasingly popular. These engines use algorithms and deep learning to analyze and predict the best moves in a game of chess. Discovered Check Chess poses a unique challenge to AI-powered engines as it adds an element of unpredictability with the surprise attack rule.

However, some argue that AI may take away from the element of surprise in this variant of chess, as it can easily predict and counter discovered check moves. But, on the other hand, AI can also help players learn and improve their gameplay by providing a deeper understanding of the game.


Discovered Check Chess is a unique and exciting variant of traditional chess that adds a new level of surprise and strategy to the game. With its unpredictable nature, this variant can be enjoyed by chess enthusiasts of all levels. The surprise attack rule and the use of AI in this game make it a thought-provoking and challenging experience. Whether playing against a human opponent or an AI-powered engine, the element of surprise in Discovered Check Chess will keep players on their toes and make for an exciting game. So why not give this variant a try and discover the thrill of surprise attacks for advantage in chess?

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