In the fast-paced world of online chess, every second counts. One technique that can give players a significant edge is the “premove.” This strategic tool allows players to make their next move in advance, while their opponent is still thinking. Premoving can speed up play, save valuable time on the clock, and keep up the pressure on an opponent. This article explores what premove is, when and how to use it effectively, and tips for mastering this skill in online chess.

Understanding Premove

A premove in online chess is a commitment to a specific move before it is actually your turn to play. Most online chess platforms support this feature, which is especially useful in bullet and blitz formats, where time is extremely limited. When you premove, the server will automatically make your move the instant your opponent’s move is completed, assuming the move is still legal.

When to Use Premove

1. In Clear Positions

Use premove when the position is clear and there are no anticipated complications that might arise from your opponent’s next move. For example, in an endgame with few pieces on the board, you can safely premove a pawn push or king move.

2. When Behind on Time

If you’re running low on time, premoving becomes essential. It can help you avoid losing on time, especially in situations where the best moves are obvious or forced.

3. To Set Traps

Sometimes, you might premove anticipating your opponent will play a particular move, which can lead them into a trap. However, this is risky and should be used cautiously.

How to Premove Effectively

1. Understand the Risks

Premoving can backfire if not done wisely. If your opponent makes an unexpected move, you might end up making a detrimental move automatically. Always assess the risk before deciding to premove.

2. Use in Simple Positions

It’s safer to premove in positions with fewer tactical threats. Avoid premoving in complex middlegame positions where the interaction between many pieces can lead to unexpected threats or sacrifices.

3. Keep it Predictable

Stick to premoving moves that are less likely to backfire, like recapturing a piece or making a check in a sequence where the responses are limited.

Tips for Mastering Premove

  1. Practice: Familiarize yourself with the premove function on your preferred online chess platform. Practice in less critical games to get a feel for how and when to use it effectively.
  2. Watch Strong Players: Observe how advanced players use premove in their games, especially in bullet and blitz formats. This can provide insights into the strategic use of premoving.
  3. Adjust Settings: On some platforms, you can adjust settings related to premoves, such as enabling or disabling them. Make sure these are set according to your comfort and strategy.
  4. Balance Speed and Safety: While premoving can save crucial seconds, it’s important to balance the speed advantage with the safety of your position. Overusing premoves can lead to blunders and missed opportunities.

Understanding the Premove in Chess Online

Premove Chess is a feature that was first introduced by the popular online chess platform, It uses AI algorithms to anticipate the next move of a player and automatically premove it, thus reducing the overall time taken between moves. This results in increased efficiency and faster gameplay, making online chess a more enjoyable experience for players.

Benefits of Premove Chess

The primary advantage of Premove Chess is its ability to reduce the delay between moves in online games. This results in a more seamless and efficient gaming experience, especially for players with slow internet connections. Premove Chess also removes the need for players to manually make their move, which can be a tedious and time-consuming process, especially in long games.

Impact on Online Chess

Premove Chess has had a significant impact on the world of online chess since its introduction. It has not only improved the player experience but has also changed the way online chess is played. With the help of Premove Chess, players can now focus more on their strategy and less on the technicalities of making a move, resulting in more competitive and intense gameplay.

Challenges and Limitations

While Premove Chess has been successful in improving the online gaming experience, it does have some limitations. Since the AI algorithm used is based on simulations, it may not always predict the most optimal move, especially in complex positions. This can result in players premoving a move that may not be the best move possible, leading to a disadvantage in the game.


Premove Chess is a groundbreaking feature that uses AI to anticipate and premove a player’s next move, thereby reducing the delay in online chess games. It has not only improved the gaming experience for players but has also made online chess more accessible and inclusive. However, it does have some limitations that need to be addressed, and there is still room for improvement in the accuracy of the AI algorithm used. Nevertheless, Premove Chess is a significant step towards leveraging AI for faster and more efficient gaming in the world of chess.

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