«It’s really hot. I mixed all these scents together and when a guy wears it, it smells so good.» – Paris Hilton

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  1. Me agrada el perfume solo que tengo una peuqña duda, como no viene especifocados todos los nombres de los demas perfumes no aparece uno que me encanta es largo y enmedio tiene como un tubo rosa

  2. The first perfume suitably called «Paris Hilton» is described by many fans as the best one of all of Paris Hilton perfumes. The tremendous success of Paris’ original perfume lead to the launch of various fragrances. After the launch of «Paris Hilton,» she decided to release the male version of the perfume, for her male fans.

    This was followed by another fragrance titled «Just Me» in Fall 2005, which is available for both women and men. In October 2006, another perfume called «Heiress» was released. Then, «Heir,» for men, was released in late 2006. «Can Can» is Paris Hilton’s fourth scent, and this one was launched in late October 2007.

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