How to Autoreply and autofollow on Twitter

I resisted it at first but now I find that I am a raving fan of Twitter. If you are not using Twitter yet, take my advice and just do it. Even if you don’t plan to Twitter much yet, just register to make sure you grab a user name that’s close to yours. You’ll thank me later for this piece of advice. So go ahead, create a Twitter account for free and “follow” a few active Twitter users to appreciate what it does.

Now for Twitter Users:

Have you ever noticed how when you “follow” certain Twitter users, you will get an immediate reply saying something like “Thanks for following me”. And also, you may find that these users also seem to immediately respond by “following” you too. Do you want to know how to do it too?

Chances are, these user are using a free service from

This service allows you to do 3 things:

  1. Automatically respond to your followers with a personal message
  2. Automatically “follow” your “followers”
  3. Submit a Twitter message to be published at a later time

You can also manage multiple Twitter accounts from this site. For example if you have a Twitter Account for yourself and one for your business.

Follow me on Twitter to see a demo of how it works. You’ll get a reciprocal follow from me. 🙂

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