El gol de cabeza desde una mayor distancia nunca marcado. Gol de cabeza desde 58 metros marcado por Ryujiro Ueda el 30 de Octubre de 2011.

New football World Record 2011 – Longest Headed Goal by Ryujiro Ueda 58 meter 2011.10.30 HD different angles
A potential new world record has been set in Japan as J2-League club Fagiano Okayama defeated hosts Yokohama FC 1-0 at the Mitsuzawa Stadium.

The only goal of the match came in the 69th minute in a sequence that began with an average goal-kick from Yokohama goalkeeper Kentaro Seki. Fagiano defender Ryujiro Ueda ran up the left side just beyond the centre-line to clear with a header.

The ball flew back toward the Yokohama goal, bouncing once several metres outside of the penalty box and flying above Seki, who had clearly misjudged his placement and how fast the ball would travel on the slick grass.

«[After I cleared the ball] I was focused on getting back to my position,» said a stunned Ueda post-game. «I didn’t notice until after it had gone in.»

After the match, grounds staff measured the distance from Ueda’s position to the goal and found it to be at least 58.6 metres. The previous record of 57.3 metres was scored in Norway’s Tippeligaen by Jone Samuelsen for Odd Grenland.

While Fagiano club officials expressed a reluctancy to apply for a Guinness world record based on the opposing goalkeeper’s misjudgement, it’s thought that J-League will file their own petition to capitalise on the publicity.

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